Our services

Security services in the broadest sense of the word. This means we offer a very wide range of services, which we would like to present to you here.

Security audits

Do you feel that you need to secure your company’s buildings better? Then we will be happy to sit down with you to analyse the various options. We will go through each detail that contributes to better security with you.

Security management

This is the management of your security policy. We can handle this completely or use the collaboration model that works best for you. But always with the aim of providing optimum security for your business environment.

Alarm system design

We independently determine how an alarm system should look to meet your specific expectations. Advice is often provided by engineers who don’t always want and aren’t always able to provide objective advice. You will be able to make a comparison with other systems easily on the basis of our design. This way you get a clear sense of the price-to-quality ratio.

CCTV installation design

Closed Circuit Television installations are gaining in popularity and this trend is set to continue in the future. As a business you will often want to be able to check the security situation at your shop or company building yourself. We also offer solutions through integration into your existing computer system. Our design can be used as a basis for a comparative price-to-quality ratio study here too.

Development of risk management plans

Management of security risks requires strategy and planning. You are bound to have clearly defined ideas about how to approach this. Experience has taught us that implementation of these ideas is not always obvious. Our extensive knowledge provides real added value here.

Project management

Do you or your security department have a project but not enough staff? At ALLSECCON, we can keep your project on track, in consultation and providing weekly updates. We will sit down together, discuss your demands and expectations and propose a concrete, customised approach soon after.

Interim management

Would you like to have your security managed by professionals on site? This is possible. We always work unobtrusively but highly securely. With extensive reporting and eye for detail. Our experience is also an advantage in terms of interim management.

Site security

We will secure your construction site with wireless detection solutions. The advantage of this solution: easy to uninstall and reconstruct at the next site.